Algo Trading

Algorithmic Trading

Equity/F&O segments are common and hottest investment option for all type of investors. Investment becomes easy with our Algo Trading platform. We offer best Share trading services at affordable prices. We have trained our machine learning model with 5 years of historical data and made the system robust in doing short term predictions. There are many strategies in our platform, which will fit any kind of investor. The system does not require any manual intervention and it handles all the below trading options in automated way.

We are working on the Positional Strategies and primarily into Hedging so that we can trade with less capital otherwise we would require more cost due to stricter policy change of SEBI on intraday margin requirements to discourage Intraday trading.

We never hesitate to change and we started to research hedging strategies and understand adjusting these strategies to minimize loss while maximizing profit. We started live Hedge strategy trading by the end of Jan'21 in a few accounts and in mid of March started for other investors.

The Algo Share Trading is focused primarily on the three core subjects below,

  • Algo Investment on a Profit sharing model
  • Providing Options Call and Put to the subscribers
  • Providing Option trading database to the subscribers

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