Software Development & Testing Training

Fronseye trainers have been in the software industry for more than 15 years and have vast knowledge to train other associates and bring them to the speed with the latest technology. All software training including Python, Java, PHP, Dot Net, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, React, Node, Data Warehousing and Database servers concepts are being covered.

Trainers experienced in Manual software testing and Automation Testing also helps trainees to get a very good working knowledge on the testing processes. A day in life of a Software developer or Tester will be taught technically to help them understand the original industry requirement and standards.

How do we train?

  • No standard curriculum and trainings are based on the batch ability and their current position to adapt to the training tools
  • Both Online and Personal trainings will be scheduled
  • Industry oriented training approach with live scenarios for the trainees to be worked out
  • Effective feedback online system to better improve our training methodologies

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