Manage construction works better


All the contractors currently handling the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage (CMWSSB) projects are manually processing their data in excel sheets. There is zero security and no dynamic digital reporting possible in their business, due to the incremental data on a day basis. There is always an unorganized data flow within the business and catering to these challenges are their bigger issues. Also the labor management involved in each of these projects is a cumbersome activity.

EngineerOPS Application has been designed and developed considering these challenges in the current environment and ways to create value addition to the contractors. All data redundancies have been eliminated and transformation of technology from excel to cloud based web application with sustainable infrastructure and scalability, keeping in mind also the end-to-end process accountability to drive business optimization and Innovation.

Unlock the next level of value beyond efficiency using the EngineerOps application and see the surge in revenue by 40% Q-o-Q and 1.5 times Y-o-Y

Cost Savings

Time reduction in completing the project by reducing the redundant effort in project handling, thereby considerably reducing the cost for the organization


Clears the roadblocks to increase the number of projects handled simultaneously within a company and so increases the revenue eventually

External Cost

Cost of Work order creation, Rate Letter, Negotiation, letter, Quotation letter etc, outsourced can be cut down as the data is already digitized

All-in-One Place

Complete Control of the data from Project inception till completion of all modules at one place

360` Reporting

Reports at all levels of the project helps the executives to make right decision at correct time

Mobile App

Business App helps the Supervisor and Admin to have control on all transaction workflow in the project