Enterprise Resource Planning

Fronseye offers best ERP services to their customers at affordable cost. Our Custom ERP Cloud solution comes with more than 900+ objects to help you run your business seamlessly without any hassles. It eliminates the need for the multiple software tools within the organization and gives you the power to handle your business smoothly with end-to-end connectivity. It can be integrated to numerous external applications like Paypal, Stripe, Dropbox, WooCommerce, Shopify etc,.

Our ERP system has multi language support and user can select any language of their choice. Powerful dashboard to give you a clear insight on the company data and guides you through your decision making process in the entire lifecycle. Solution can be applied to almost all industries including but not limited to Manufacturing, Retail, Service Company, Distribution, Education, Non-Profit, Healthcare and many more.

Solutions Offered

  • Accounting - Real-time view of cashflow
  • HR & Payroll - Manage Employees lifecycle
  • Manufacturing - Manage Inventory and Production
  • Supply Chain Management - Manage your Sales and Purchase
  • CRM - Grow your Customer base and retain the existing ones
  • Projects - Track multiple projects/Timesheets/Tasks
  • Helpdesk - Manage issue tracker efficiently
  • Asset Management - Manage movement of all your assets
  • Website - Manage your admin part of your website

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