Manage Real Estate Smartly


Digital Real Estate Analytics and Marketing Application helps the Real Estate owners & Promoters to manage their Marketers and Customers in one place. The current situation warrants the Promoters to handle all the data in papers and all of the operations have been digitally converted in DREAM App.

Business operation and admin activities were really challenging in terms of data handling on a huge scale and considering the huge volume of cost involved in real estate, the data becomes crucial for success of the organization. To overcome all these challenging tasks, cloud application has been developed to handle the Operations, Admin, Sales and Marketing of the Real Estate plots, flats and villas.

Main challenges includes but not limited to,

  • Marketers have to personally invest time in searching for the properties in their surroundings
  • Difficulties in tracking the bookings made by individual marketers
  • Slower time to complete the projects with no end-to-end co-ordination between the company and marketers
  • Redundant process within the organization causing a chaos
  • Inability to track the performance of individuals in terms of the Income and sales numbers
  • Poor customer feedback due to the less trained resources

Break the legacy way of work, on how the real estate is done and follow the futuristic approach in Digital Real Estate Space

Sales Management

Manage and Track Projects
Manage Booking, Part Payments and History of Bookings
Manage Property Registration and documents
Sales Analytics
Customer Invoice History
Payment Voucher Management

Marketer and Payout Management

Define Organization Hierarchy and Functional Role of Marketer
Assign Relationship Managers to Customers
Mobile App usage
Create Sales Teams
Define Payouts & milestones

Lead Management

Record Customer Requirements SMS and Email Marketing campaigns
Analytics and Reporting of the complete data
Follow Up Reminders and Tracking of all associates
Easy Interface to handle all data

Customer Relationship Management

Create and Manage Customer Base
Feedback of the Customers in various stages
Document Management and control
SMS Communication to existing customers on new product launch or offers

Operational Management

Raise Tickets related to their booking
Manage Tickets - Close or Reopen
Real time chat with Internal teams for quick resolution
Schedule Internal Event Management Meetings and Tracking
Staff Management

Report Summary Management

Project Inventory
Potential to Earn
Overall Sales and New Sales Summary
Marketer Payout
Marketer Performance
Staff Attendance
Daily Collection SMS report