US Title Search Processing

Data Analysis and Reporting of Title Search

Robotic Process Automation has been implemented in the Title Search process involved in the US Real Estate business. Our one-stop solution helps in automatically assigning search orders to Users and tracks them till completion (End-to-End tracking)

The three core business areas in the title search process were handled manually by allotting the work order to each and individual resources with an unorganized business flow causing chaos between the managers and the employees. Also the executives were also not getting analytical data on time and also the received data is not in a structured manner.

DARTS App have been developed to eliminate all these challenges in the organization by transforming the existing technology as well as the process with the help of a cloud based business application.

Major challenges in manual workflow includes,

  • Search Orders are manually assigned to the users.
  • Difficulties in tracking Search Order statuses
  • Fewer orders fulfilled due to resource un-availability since the Search Orders are completed only through NAX core employees
  • End-to-End time taken to complete one full cycle of Search Order is too long
  • Inability to track the performance of individuals in terms of the Feedback Report and Quality report
  • Manual errors in the daily cycle activities causing redundant work across organization

Work Order processing volumes will be increased drastically by employing remote workers and thereby reducing your operation cost and increasing your work efficiency

Robotic Process Automation

Core Order assignment automation by smartly picking the next ready-to-work resource in the queue

Vendor Order Management

Title Search process execution by the vendor team follows a separate algorithm and can be executed at their end

Remote Working Associates

Work from Home Associates will have the opportunity to process the workflow at their convenient time and place


Slice & Dice the data using various parameters like Order No, User Role, Date Range and Location details. Controlled decision on the data you see on the dashboard

Cost Savings

Cost effective solution as more freelancers/work from home associates involved in executing Search Orders, resulting in reduction of In-Office resources.

Zero Loop Holes

Increased volume of orders not compromising the Quality of work done, as every stage contains numerous validations with zero loop holes.